Tips for Cleaning a Mattress with Discounted Products

You wouldn’t wear the same clothes every day for years without ever washing them. The same should hold true for your mattress. You sleep on your mattress every single night. Even though it is covered by sheets, dirt, sweat, dust mites, and other contaminants can build up on your mattress over time.

It is important to periodically clean your mattress to remove stains and odors. Not only will this help create a fresher, more inviting place for you to sleep but it will also help extend the life of your mattress. Since mattresses cost a lot of money, it is worth doing everything you can to help yours last longer. Cleaning it is one way to do just that.

The good news is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive cleaning products. Most of the products used in the process are things that you already have lying around your home. If you want to save even more money, you can look for discounted products, as well, to keep the cost of cleaning your mattress as low as possible.

Here is a list of the things that you will need to complete this project:


  • A vacuum with a brush head and a crevice tool
  • An enzymatic cleaner that is designed to tackle biological stains. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals, these cleaners use natural enzymes to break down contaminants, leaving your mattress clean, fresh, and safe to sleep on. Look for an unscented product if possible. Try searching for discount codes or coupon codes, as well, to save as much money as you can.
  • A large container of baking soda. If you can find the baking soda on sale, that is great. However, it is usually quite cheap even at full price, meaning that you shouldn’t have to spend much money on this part of the project.

Once you gather together your supplies, you can begin the cleaning process. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time for cleaning your mattress. Any liquids that you apply to the mattress need to be thoroughly dry before you put your sheets back on. You may even want to consider sleeping in another room for a night so that you can thoroughly clean your mattress and remove all traces of stains.

Begin the process by removing all of your bedding including the sheets, pillowcases, and pillows. Wash all of these items so that they are ready to put back on once your mattress has been cleaned.

Next, vacuum your entire mattress. Pay particular attention to the seams of the mattress. Dust mites, dirt, and debris have a tendency to accumulate in the tiny cracks around the outer edge of your mattress. Use the crevice tool on your vacuum to really get down into these areas.

For the flat surfaces of the mattress, the brush tool will come in handy. The bristles of the brush help loosen any particles on the mattress, while the vacuum sucks them up, leaving the surface clean.

The next step is to tackle any stains. For this part of the process, use the discounted enzymatic cleaner that you purchased. Follow the instructions on the bottle precisely. Try to use as little liquid as possible. If you get your mattress too wet, it will take a long time to dry. By limiting the amount of cleaner that you use, the surface will dry out more quickly, allowing you to get back to using your mattress right away.

Once the cleaner is dry, sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the entire mattress. Not only does baking soda naturally fight odors but it also helps absorb stains. Leave it on the mattress for at least an hour. Then, vacuum it up using your vacuum tools.

Double check to make sure that the mattress is completely dry. If it is, you can put your bedding back on again.

Ideally, you should clean your mattress a few times a year. Don’t forget to flip and rotate it, as well. This simple process will help keep it in great shape so that it needs to be replaced less often. Dirt and contaminants on the surface of the mattress can cause it to wear out more quickly, which is why it is so important to regularly clean it.